Aceh Police Chief Bid Farewell to Hundreds of Scavengers and Provides School Supplies
Thursday, 12 August 2021 - 09:25 WIB
Aceh Police Chief Bid Farewell to Hundreds of Scavengers and Provides School Supplies - Aceh. Hundreds of scavenger children from gampong Java, Kutaraja sub-district, Banda Aceh, ran to the police box car that came to their neighborhood.

After a while, an officer with the rank of Adjunct Police Commissioner gave a briefing to the scavengers. "Good afternoon brothers and sisters! How are you all?" Who is the officer?

"Alright!!!! shouted hundreds of scavengers who couldn't wait to see the contents of the iron car parked in their neighborhood. "This afternoon, we from the personal staff of the Aceh Police Chief will distribute all school bags to the younger siblings complete with their contents, besides that we have also prepared hundreds of reading books for the younger siblings, who wants it???" shouted the officer again.

The scavenger children screamed hysterically, the sound of cheers of joy echoed among the used bottles in the slum area. However, the Police officers reminded again to take the aid packages one by one and keep a distance from one another.
Pol. Inspector General Wahyu Widada, sent his personal staff to distribute hundreds of bags and school supplies and hundreds of reading books to the scavengers of Gampong Jawa, Kutaraja District, Banda Aceh. The activity received enthusiasm from children whom had rarely been noticed.

So far, they live on the outskirts of Banda Aceh, the majority of their parents make a living in landfills to look for used goods that can be recycled for resale. Usually they live in slum houses made of used plywood, cardboard, wood, and other used materials to survive.
There is an educational park for scavengers that was founded by Maulidar Yusuf (30) since 2012. The scavenger children's educational park was founded because of his anxiety about the low educational spirit of scavengers due to the environment.

He volunteered to help scavenger children's difficulties in learning and provide additional education outside of school.

"I felt gratitude much for the concern from Aceh Regional Police Chief for the education of the children here, hopefully with this assistance, they will become enthusiastic again to continue their education which will later break the chain of poverty in their family lineage in the future," said Maulidar accompanied by hundreds of children whom are happy with each other.

On the sidelines of the activity, the two-star general did not forget to take the time to communicate via Video Call media to volunteers and scavenger children,

"Hello children, how are you, keep on learning. Remember success is everyone's right, no matter who our parents are, no matter what our background is, if we study, pray, and try, one day we will be successful in the future.
Take care of your health, greetings to all parents at home, for Maulidar as a volunteer, continue to do good, be a lamp among them, guide and support them until they get a good education, Aceh will advance and be successful in their hands in the future," said the Regional Police Chief.

All of the above activities are summarized in a viral video that is widely spread on social media. In the video, the two-star general who will soon be appointed by the National Police Chief as Assistant for Human Resources of National Police took the time to say goodbye to all the people of Aceh.

To all the people of Aceh, I beg to say goodbye and resign. I apologize if there are words, actions, or mistakes during my tenure as Aceh Regional Police Chief.
"Believe m,e I have fallen in love with Aceh. Aceh has taught me a lot about life within the framework of Islamic shari'ah. Even though I am far away, Aceh is always in my heart. I love Aceh. I will continue to monitor Aceh from a distance, hopefully after my death, Aceh will become a developed and prosperous province in the future.
Bak ta tunyok bek meu iseuk, Bak ta Peudeuek beu meulabang (what has been determined, don't move, where to put it, nail it there), let's cheer up!" explained the Regional Police Chief.

The leadership of the Aceh Regional Police Chief has shifted from Inspector General Pol. Wahyu Widada, to Pol. Inspector General Ahmad Hydar today, TUESDAY, August 10, 2021 at Police Headquarter.

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