Aceh Regional Police Chief Distributes Social Assistance to Papuan Students
Monday, 01 August 2021 - 12:18 WIB
Aceh Regional Police Chief Distributes Social Assistance to Papuan Students - Banda Aceh. Aceh Regional Police Chief, Pol. Inspector General Wahyu Widada, went directly to distribute social assistance in the form of basic necessities to the students of Syiah Kuala University (USK), Darussalam, Banda Aceh City, Saturday (07/31/21).

The provision of social assistance is because these students cannot return to their original places due to Covid-19 reasons.

In addition, they are also part of the community affected by the pandemic.

Social assistance was distributed to local students and students from other regions such as Papua and West Papua.

In addition, the social assistance was also given to student representatives from abroad, such as the Philippines and Palestine.

"In the last two years, the Covid-19 pandemic has had a tremendous impact on every sector.

"This impact also targets students who are studying," said Wahyu Widada after distributing the aid.

The Aceh Regional Police Chief also stated that the distribution of basic food items was part of an expression of gratitude for the 1991 Alumni of the Police Academy, who is now 30 years old.

"We distribute these basic necessities to students as an expression of gratitude on the 30th anniversary of the 1991 Bharadaksa Batalion from Police Academy alumni" said Pol. Inspector General Wahyu Widada.

"Hopefully what we are doing is a field of worship for all of us and can ease the burden on students affected by Covid-19," concluded the Aceh Police Chief.

In the distribution of the social assistance, the Aceh Regional Police Inspector and Supervision, Pol. Grand Commissioner Marzuki Ali Basyah, Inspector and Supervision of Regional Military, Brigadier General Niko Fahrizal, Brigadier General Aldrin Hutabarat from National Anti Narcotics Agency, Chairman of Crime Investigation Unit, Pol. Grand Commissioner Sony Sanjaya, Logistic Chief Bureau - Pol. Grand Commissioner Imam Prakuso, Samapta Director - Pol. Grand Commissioner Misbahul Munauwar, and Bureau Chief Rena, Pol. Grand Commissioner Bambang Syafrianto, All of them are class 1991.

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