The Indonesian National Police Explains the Difference Between the Investigation Authority of the Police and the Municipal Police
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Monday, 25 July 2021 - 21:09 WIB
The Indonesian National Police Explains the Difference Between the Investigation Authority of the Police and the Municipal Police - Jakarta. Municipal Police is currently being discussed to conduct investigations into cases of violations of health protocols. This policy is being discussed in the revised Draft Regional Regulation (Perda) of Jakarta Metropolitan Government Number 2, 2020, concerning Covid-19 Response. The Head of Public Relations of the Greater Jakarta Metro. Regional Police, Pol. Grand Commissioner Yusri Yunus explained that Municipal Police is indeed an investigator in some instances. However, its authority is not the same as that of the Indonesian National Police, which enforces the law in all criminal cases. "Members of Municipal Police who have Civil Servant Inspector (PPNS) investigator certification are under the supervision of the Police, but they are internal investigators. Enforcer, what are the rules? The regional regulation is related to the regional regulation," said Pol. Grand Commissioner Yusri, Saturday (24/7). The Head of Public Relations said that the Municipal Police could only conduct investigations of violations in the Perda handling Covid-19. Meanwhile, Indonesian National Police has a broader scope, including investigating criminal cases following the Criminal Procedure Code. "Not investigators like the Police who can do anything. He is the enforcer of the rules in the regional regulations in each area. For example, yesterday, the regional regulation on Community Activity Restrictions regarding the handling of the Judiciary Operation was issued," explained the Head of Public Relations. In addition, not all members of the Municipal Police could become investigators. However, there are certain conditions so that they can become investigators. "There are PPNS investigators and investigators based on the SKETCH from the Police but under the supervision of the Police. Therefore, regarding whether the Satpol PP is an investigator, yes, he is a PPNS but must have a SKETCH certification from the Police, and the mechanism must be precisely what kind of PPNS mechanism, "he concluded. Previously, the revised draft of Jakarta Capital City Regional Regulation (Perda) Number 2, the year 2020, concerning Covid-19 Response became controversial. This is because the Civil Service Police Unit (Municipal Police) is given the authority to conduct investigations. The Head of the Greater Jakarta Metro. Regional Police, Pol. Grand Commissioner Adi Ferdian Saputra said there was nothing wrong with giving investigation authority to Municipal Police. Because basically, Municipal Police that has met the requirements is indeed Civil Servant Investigator (PPNS). In Regional PERDA Articles 2/2020, it is also explained that the enforcement of the law is carried out by the Municipal Police, accompanied by the National Armed Forces and National Police. While we know that the Police in the Criminal Procedure Code are investigators, the regional regulation limits the enforcement of the process. That is the Municipal Police, explained the Head of Law and Human Rights at Greater Jakarta Metro. Regional Police, Jakarta, Friday (07/23). On that basis, Regional PERDA Articles 2/2020 is proposed to be revised because law enforcement is not optimal. Given that the Municipal Police must sanction every violation, the Police as law enforcers is only accompanying. "Because of the limited number of Municipal Police personnel, the Provincial Government has proposed a new Regional Regulation so that the Police as investigators and Municipal Police as Civil Servant Investigator will both enforce discipline so that it is more massive in prokes enforcement," he concluded. With this revision, the National Police also can enforce the law against health protocol violators. Thus, the law enforcement process can cover a larger scale. (my/bq/hy)

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