Police Successfully Arrest a Suspect from South Africa Drug Syndicate International Network
Saturday, 24 July 2021 - 13:03 WIB
Police Successfully Arrest a Suspect from South Africa Drug Syndicate International Network

Tribratanews.polri.go.id – Jakarta. A suspect with the initials ADM (46) was arrested at a delivery service office in the West Jakarta area by the West Jakarta Metro. Regional Police Narcotics Unit along with Customs and Excise officers at Soekarno-Hatta Airport, which is an International Network drug syndicate originating from South Africa.

"From the arrests, we managed to secure 1 kilogram of crystal methamphetamine," explained the West Jakarta Metro Regional Police Chief, Pol. Grand Commissioner Ady Wibowo, Friday (07/23/2021).

The West Jakarta Metro Police Chief explained that methamphetamine was tucked in a modified folder bag to trick officers.

Last April, a joint team of Police and Customs and Excise also thwarted the circulation of 50 kilograms of methamphetamine from the international network and 194 kilograms of marijuana from the national network.

Disclosure of the methamphetamine case by the joint team managed to secure four suspects on a ship in Aceh waters, by securing evidence of methamphetamine (inside) two gunny sacks, explained the Directorate of Drug Crimes at the National Police Criminal Investigation Department Brigadier General Pol Krisno Halomoan Siregar, Thursday (8/4). /2021).

Inside a white burlap sack contained 50 kilograms of methamphetamine that had been wrapped. The joint team also arrested nine suspects with 194 kilograms of marijuana as evidence. A total of 13 suspects were arrested from these two cases.

With the disclosure of the methamphetamine case, this has saved 250,000 Aceh's golden generation and for the marijuana case it can save 388 thousand lives, explained the Director of Narcotics, National Police's Crime Investigation Agency.

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