Commander of the Armed Forces and Chief of Police Campaign Mobile Vaccination and Give Social Aid Package to Jakartans
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Friday, 23 July 2021 - 11:46 WIB
Commander of the Armed Forces and Chief of Police Campaign Mobile Vaccination and Give Social Aid Package to Jakartans - Jakarta Commander of the Armed Forces, Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto, and Chief of Police, General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, goes straight to residential areas to give social care aid of Jakartans affected by Level 4 PPKM (Community Activity Restrictions Enforcement) on Thursday (22/7/2021). The first visit was conducted at Sawah Besar, Central Jakarta.

During the said occasion, they directly gave the social aid from the Indonesian government to the people whose economic sector was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. They also interact with the aid recipients.

"I hope this (aid package) could help your daily needs", Sigit said when he started the interactions with the residents.

Sigit explained that social aid is from the Indonesian government and distributed by Armed Forces-Police as the country's existence in the public and government's responsibility to people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

"This social aid distribution is the government's commitment towards their policies and also the form of state's existence in the middle of the community", Sigit said.

When giving those social aid packages, the former Chief of Banten Regional Police also encourages the vaccinated people to keep discipline in observing Health Protocols.

"You have been vaccinated, right? Keep wearing the face mask, yeah? If your relatives need a face mask, give it to them. Thank you", Sigit said to a social aid recipient.

"Thank you very much, sir. This (aid) is really helpful", a resident answered.

On the same tune, Commander of the Armed Forces reminds the people to keep observing Health Protocols on their daily life, even though have vaccinated.

"Keep wearing your mask, right. Here is a basic necessities package. Stay healthy", the Commander said when interacts with another resident.

Residents who have been symbolically received the social aid are Ali Muskon (36), an online motor-taxi driver who has to stop working due to PPKM, Saiful Anwar (44), a former travel hotel employee who has been laid off.

Other residents are Ending Samsudin (52), a coffee seller, and Suwandi, an online motor-taxi driver who stop working due to PPKM. During the aid giving, all people are subjected to antigen swab test with the non-reactive result and observing tight Health Protocols.

After giving social aid, the Commander of the Armed Forces and Chief of Police continued their visit to Duri Pulo State Elementary School, Gambir, Central Jakarta, to inspect the mobile vaccination programme of Armed Forces-Police.

The mobile vaccination programme is a proactive service by vaccine vehicle to visit densely populated areas in Jakarta. Now, 62 mobile vaccination vehicles are in operation. The vaccination target is 300 people 12-year-old and above per day.

"We have 62 mobile vaccination vehicles in Jakarta to reach the (dense), so it could be accessible for the public", the former Chief of Criminal Investigation Agency of the National Police said.

On the densely populated neighbourhood of Duri Pulo, Commander of the Armed Forces and Chief of Police also gives social aid packages to the people. Sigit ensures that all affected people will get social aid from the government.

"This is for helping you, ma'am. You have everything in it, such as face masks. You have been vaccinated, right? Please wear the face mask to stay healthy, yes?" Sigit said to the resident when giving the social aid to the three members of the household.

Not only that, Commander of the Armed Forces, Chief of Police, and Chief of National Disaster Management Authority also visit Petamburan public flat, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta. They campaigned for mobile vaccination and gave the government's social aid to people in densely populated areas.

Sigit campaigns the vaccination programme to the public. To achieve herd immunity in the capital city, the mobile vaccination programme would be run along with the existing vaccination programmes such as mass vaccination and vaccination booth.

"We hope that we can achieve herd immunity, especially in Jakarta", Sigit said in Petamburan.

Meanwhile, Sigit affirms that the government would give people whose economic activities were disturbed by PPKM policies social aid through Armed Forces-Police.

Sigit appeals to the public to stay calm and not to hesitate to report the Community Police and Armed Forces Units if their aid runs out. The Armed Forces and Police would send the aid package again to alleviate the burden of the people affected by the pandemic.

"We hope that we could help. We hope the government could alleviate the burden of the affected people. Do not worry. The government is always taking care of the people", Sigit said.

As information, during Emergency and Level 4 PPKM, Police have been distributed 600,294 basic necessities packages and 3,181,000 kilograms of 3,181 tons of rice.

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