“Si Ipar”: Police Literacy Program Brings Hope to Papua’s Displaced Children

7 March 2023 - 14:54 WIB
Divisi Humas Polri

Tribratanews.polri.go.id – Papua. As conflicts caused by the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) continue, thousands of people, including dozens of children, have fled from their homes. To provide education for the children, the Social Development Unit of the 2023 Carstenz Peace Operation Task Force has created the “Polisi Pi Ajar” Program also known as “Si Ipar”.

Yuliana Akagi, a teacher from Somatua Foundation, expressed her gratitude for the assistance the task force members provided in teaching the children.

“They are mostly children from the Intan Jaya mountains who fled here with their parents because of the conflict in the mountainous area. Praise God, I told them that they could mingle with other children,” she said on Tuesday (7/3/23).

In the beginning, they barely can read, write, or even speak Indonesian, but with the help of the police, they were given literacy skills such as reading, writing, and arithmetic. Once they are proficient, they can enroll in formal education, she expressed her hope.

To boost the children’s learning spirit, they have been encouraged to sing and play various games, watched educational movies, and be given healthy snacks like mung beans. “We provide healthy snacks like mung beans as part of our program. We have noticed that the children are more enthusiastic when we bring these snacks. Watching educational films on Saturdays also motivates them more,” she said.

Police First Inspector Paulus Rande Ratu, the Head of the Social Development Unit of the Mimika Sub-Regional Police, said that 40 children were enrolled in the Somatua Reading Park with 70% of them having already attended formal school.

“I think what we have done here is a noble effort. It also motivates children to interact with police officers and teachers. They are not afraid, they are very close to us now,” he concluded.


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