Lilin Krakatau Ops Reveals Traffic Accidents Have Been Suppressed

29 December 2022 - 00:36 WIB
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The Head of Lampung Police Public Relations, Commissioner Zahwani Pandra Arsyad, reveals that Krakatau Lilin Ops have suppressed traffic accidents since it first operates in 23 to 27 December.

According to the data, he reveals that there are 12 traffic accidents, with four of them died, nine having serious injury, and 13 having minor injuries with total loss of Rp17,000,000.

Meanwhile, if they compare the data with the last year’s operation, there are 24 traffic accidents, with nine of them died, 16 having major injuries, and 32 having minor injuries with total loss of Rp88,300,000.

During the operation, police stated people that use toll roads and shortcuts have traffic awareness to be careful in driving. However, the police still remind the people to have a rest if they feel tired in rest areas, and for those who need help, they could contact the police through Super App, 110 Call Center, or to the officers at the nearest post.

Lampung police themselves have prepared 74 posts, consist of 55 security posts, 18 service posts, and one integrity posts in Bakauheni.

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