Curing the Traumas of Refugees in Cianjur, Metro Jaya Police Sends More Volunteers

29 November 2022 - 11:00 WIB
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Polda Metro Jaya sent volunteers consist of medical and non-medical personnel to help heal the traumas of the refugees in Cianjur, Monday (27/11/22). Moreover, Bhayangkari Metro Jaya Police also sent provisions to Cianjur evacuation post.

"This is a joint commitment with the ranks of Metro Jaya Police to provide service and assistance to the community while providing our service," said Head of Metro Jaya Police Inspector General Fadil, quoted by, Monday (11/28).

He explained that aim of this assistance is focus on recovering the refugees from the trauma and stress. In doing so, the personnel will provide rehabilitation from both the material and moral sides of the community.

“Indeed it requires quite long time to recover them back to normal. For that, we asked the volunteers to help ease their suffering. We are moving together to embrace and give trauma healing wholeheartedly to the people of Cianjur so that they could move on from the grief that shackles them," he explained.

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