Sumenep Police Prohibits Their Front Line Officers to Carry Firearms

23 December 2022 - 19:20 WIB

The Sumenep Police personnel in charge of securing the 2022 Christmas celebrations and the 2023 New Year's Eve will not be carrying firearms. Sumenep Police Chief, AKBP Edo Satya Kentriko emphasized the security operations will be in humane approach and prioritizes comfort and service to the community.

"Only certain troops are the one who are permitted carrying firearms and that's in the second layer of security. The police who are directly dealing with the community are not allowed to carry guns," he said while leading the 2022 Semeru Lilin Operations troop rally at the Police Headquarters yard, Thursday (12/22).

The Sumenep Police Chief explained, to anticipate unexpected bad possibilities, officers in the field were asked to continue to improve their guard.

AKBP Edo added, during the Lilin Semeru 2022 Operation, his party prepared 650 joint personnel from the Police, TNI, Civil Service Police Unit, Transportation Service, Regional Disaster Management Agency, National Search and Rescue Agency, and a number of other stakeholders. The personnel are spread over 23 points which are objects of security during the holiday celebration.

"We want to provide a sense of security and comfort to the people celebrating the Christmas. Therefore, as an anticipation effort, there will be inspection on goods carried during religious activities, as well as at tourist spots, "concluded the Sumenep Police Chief.

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