Metro Bekasi Police Deployed Thousands for Lilin Jaya Operations

23 December 2022 - 12:33 WIB
Foto : - Head of Bekasi Police, Commissioner Hengki deployed 1,650 joint personnel from TNI-Police, Civil Service Police Unit during Operation Lilin Jaya 2022, Thursday (12/22).

“We have rally our personnel, and there are 1,650 personnel that will be deployed in securing 2022 Christmas in Bekasi. They will be dispatched at locations that we have mapped,” says Bekasi Police Chief quoted from on Thursday (12/22).

Commissioner Hengki says that the thousand personnel will be deployed to 277 locations, which most of it are churches and also other places of worship. This measure was taken to ensure that the Christians could celebrate their Christmas in peace and solemnly. Both big and small churches will receive appropriate protection from the police.

“So if the churches had 5,000 thousand people, obviously we would deploy more personnel, same goes if the churches only had 200 or 500 people, then we will deploy our personnel in accordance how much mass the church had,” says the police chief.

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