Lampung Regional Police Reinforced Lilin Krakatau Operation Personnel

24 December 2022 - 06:30 WIB
Dok.Polda Lampung

A letter signed by the Regional Police Chief has ordered an additional 255 personnel to strengthen the Operation Lilin Krakatau in 2022 to secure Christmas and New Year Celebrations at the Lampung Regional Police Headquarters, South Lampung, as explained by the Head of Public Relations of the Lampung Regional Police, Commissioner Zahwani Pandra Arsyad, on Friday (12/23).

The additional personnel will aid the security of Lampung Regional Police's Integrated Post at Bakauheni port, airport, terminal, railway station, and tourist sites. Furthermore, this reinforcement is expected to give the people a sense of safety and comfort as December Holidays looms.

Lampung Regional Police's Head of Public Relations also stated that the Lampung Regional Police had mapped out 883 security objects, including 1,018 churches, an airport, 14 terminal sites, 13 railway station locations, three port locations, and two airport locations.

The reinforcement will also help to secure 234 tourism attractions, 61 malls, and 84 hotels during the festivities of Christmas and New Year.

Additionally, in order to give the best possible assistance to people returning from holiday celebration, the Lampung Regional Police has established 74 Posts, which include 55 Security Posts, 18 Service Posts, and one Integrated Post. These service posts are locations that have been mapped by the police to provide a secure mobility in all forms of transportation while continuing to implement the health programme and offering health services at terminals, train stations, ports, and airports.

Commissioner Pandra appeals to people who are tired or exhausted while travelling to rest in safe places such as rest areas on toll roads and safe parking lots on arterial roads throughout Sumatra, and if they ever have some problems, they can report it via the Super App and Indonesian Police Call Centre at 110 as well as the nearest Police station.

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