West Java Police Chief: Christmas Went Well and Smoothly

28 December 2022 - 10:49 WIB
Foto : Dok. Humas Polda Sumbar

Christmas celebrations in West Sumatra was going well, and now the police are preparing to secure the New Year celebrations. This was conveyed by the West Sumatra Police Chief Inspector General Suharyono in Padang, Tuesday (12/27).

“Christmas celebrations have going well and smoothly, and now let’s join together in maintaining this peaceful situation,” says the Police Chief.

Inspector General Suharyono said that the feeling of comfort at Christmas cannot be separated from the effort of the Police, military, related stakeholders, and all elements of society. For this reason, his party always continues to maintain the security situation in its territory, especially now approaching New Year's Eve 2023.

“We hope that the New Year’s eve would be the same as Christmas, which is going safe and smoothly,” says the Police Chief quoted from antaranews.com.

The Two Star General said that in order to anticipate traffic jams on New Year's Eve, especially in the city of Padang, his party will carry out traffic engineering. For this reason, his party will not allow crowds of people or convoys of vehicles that are counter-productive.

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