Tangerang City Police Offers Free Vehicle Safekeeping During Christmas and New Year Eve

23 December 2022 - 08:47 WIB
Foto : pmjnews.com

Tribratanews.polri.go.id - Metro Tangerang City Police have prepared a free vehicle safekeeping for the people who wants to go on vacation on December holiday season, by calling the nearest police station.

Commissioner Zain Dwi Nugroho explained that this service would be free of charge so that people would not need to worry if they want to leave their vehicles.

"If you are feeling unsure with your vehicle safety, you could trust your vehicles to the nearest police stations," says Metro Tangerang City Police Chief, Commissioner Zain Dwi Nugroho, quoted from pmjnews.com, Thursday (12/22).

Moreover, he appealed that if people intend to leave their house empty, make sure the electric and the gas have already been turn off, and lock the door tightly. To make sure everything is safe, tell your neighbours that you'll be leaving for awhile.

At the same occasion, he also asks the people to also review their vehicle documents and conditions before leaving, and drive safely.

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