Interesting Innovation by Cianur Volunteers to Help Evacuation Process

28 November 2022 - 10:47 WIB
Foto : Sudirman Warmad/detikJabar

Tribratanews.polri.go.idThere have been many voluteers went to Cianjur after hearing the disaster that happened there due to the earthquake. Many have done their best in helping the victims, such as funding the aid donations, or directly involved in evacuation process.

However, there are also some volunteers who help with their bright ideas and inovations. Such as those volunteers from Youth Creativity Forum (FKR). Their help is quite interesting where they build a Mini Power Station.

This innovation could help the charge their phone batteries from vehicle. This volunteer group from Bandung brought their innovation because they got an information that there are often power outage in Cianjur after the earthquake.

“When we heard there was a blackout in Cianjur. We made this kit,” said the founder of FKR, Fajar Nurrochman, quoted from detikjabar, Saturday (11/26).

Fajar and his two friends arrived at Cianjur on Friday (11/25). He tells that the materials used for his device is using a waste. For one device, it could recharge up to eight phones.

Most of FKR members are students and they also lend their hands to help the refugees in Cianjur along with other volunteers. In helping the refugees, they brought five of their devices to Cianjur.

“We know that a generator is very expensive, and we don’t have it. Our logistics is also not as many as other volunteers such as ambulances and others, but still we want to give our all,” said Fajar.

Fajar says that his community have a mission to reproduce their innovations, the FKR Mini Power Station. He admits that he did not expect that their device would peaked the interest of many, because his tools is really dependable during recent blackouts in Cianjur.

Since the first day they arrived at Cianjur, FKR went around to promote their device and their device is used in several post, such as in Relawan Indonesia post.

FKR Mini Station is used for recharging cellphones power batteries, power bank, portable lamp, and others. The electricity source of this device came from vehicle battery.

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