Importance in Preventing Terrorism Ahead of Christmas and New Year Eve

23 December 2022 - 11:14 WIB
Foto : PID Divhumas Polri - The Indonesian National Police Chief, Listyo Sigit Prabowo admits that the threat of terrorism still possess the biggest threat that needs to be anticipated. The incident of Suicide Bombing in Astana Anyar is the proof that terrorism could happen anytime, anywhere.

According to Rahmat Edi Irawan, a communication expert, says that several steps need to be taken for terrorism early detection by monitoring areas prone with radicalism and areas believed to have a connection with terrorism in Indonesia. Moreover, security measures alo needs to be employed at crowded places and ensure the areas are clear of terrorism.

In many places of worship, Polri have also installed X-ray to ensure there are no bombs or any dangerous objects. To guarantee the safety of Christmas eve, Police have coordinated with local communities that will aid them.

In this operation, Police will also be aided by the Military, as stated by the new Commander of Indonesian Military Army, Admiral Yudo Margono who also attends the main rally of Operation Lilin Jaya 2022 at Monas, Jakarta.

Of course we are proud that the two institutions are hand in hand in facing the threat of terrorism ahead of Christmas and New Year Eve. This step also shows their solidarity in protecting and safeguarding the country. It seems like with the duet of the two strongest security apparatus in the country, we will have a good safe holidays.

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