Sukabumi City Police Carried Out Social Charity Act by Providing Food Supplies

24 September 2022 - 15:49 WIB - Jabar. undreds of online motorcycle taxis, scavengers, and the poor received food supplies from the Sukabumi City Police at the Juang'45 Building yard, Veteran Cikole street, Sukabumi City, Friday (23/09/22).

A total of 750 food supplies were distributed to online motorcycle drivers, scavengers, and people in need in the jurisdiction of the Sukabumi City Police. The aids include rice and cooking oil.

Head of Public Relations of the West Java Police, Commissioner Ibrahim Tompo explained that the social service organized by the Police was a form of the Police's concern for the people affected by the increase in subsidized fuel prices.

"This activity is one of the efforts of the Sukabumi City Police to help ease the burden on the people affected by the adjustment of subsidized fuel prices," explained the Sukabumi City Police Chief.

However, the Sukabumi City Police Chief feels that the aids is not been optimized yet because there are still those who have not received the food supplies from the police.

"We feel that the distribution of social assistance today was not yet optimized because there may still be online motorcycle taxi drivers, scavengers, and other people in need who have not had the opportunity to receive assistance this morning. But God willing, we will continue to hold this activity at another time so that everyone can received our aids," concluded the Sukabumi City Police Chief.

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Last Updated: 8 December 2022 - 09:00
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