Police Thwarted the Smuggling of Lobster Seeds

24 September 2022 - 15:48 WIB

Tribratanews.polri.go.id - Lampung. The West Lampung Police Criminal Investigation Unit, managed to thwart the illegal fishing of lobster seeds that occurred on the Pekon Seray West Cross Road, Pesisir Tengah District, Pesisir Barat Regency, Saturday (24/09/2022).

Head of West Lampung Police Criminal Investigation Unit, AKP M Ari Satriawan, accompanied by the Police Chief AKBP Heri Sugeng Priyantho, explained that it was true that on Thursday September 22nd, 2022, at around 22:00 WIB, the West Lampung Police Criminal Investigation Unit, led by Ipda Kasyono, has succeeded in securing the suspected illegal fishing perpetrator with the initials DS (43). He said that the perpetrator is from Pasar Krui Village, Pesisir Tengah District, Pesisir Barat Regency.

The Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the West Lampung Police said explained that the case begun when the team suspected two boxes with "PS" written on them in one of the restaurants.

After monitoring the boxes for awhile, not long after, a man entered the restaurant then took the two boxes.

Seeing the suspicious behaviour, the members confront the man and ask about the contents of the two boxes. Panicked after being confronted, the suspect was trying to escape.

“Then our members immediately secured the suspected perpetrator and the evidence of the two boxes that were stolen. The boxes contain clear lobster seeds," he explained.

AKP M. Ari Satriawan, added that the alleged perpetrator did violates the law. Any person who intentionally conducts a fishery business that does not meet the licensing and/or catching and/or releasing of clear lobster seeds will be processed under the applicable law.

“The suspect will be charged with Article 92 in conjunction with Article 26 paragraph (1) and/or Article 88 in conjunction with Article 16 (1) in conjunction with Article 106 of Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 45 of 2009 concerning Amendments to Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 31 of 2004 concerning Fisheries and/or Paragraph 2 Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Article 27 number 26 Jo number 5 of the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 11 of 2020 concerning Job Creation," he said.

The evidence that was secured by the team is 15 pieces of plastic containing approximately three thousand Sand Lobster Seeds, a cash of Rp2.050.000, two cellphones, and two yellow cardboard/boxes.

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