The Police Arrest a Pimp Who Exploits Eight Minors

22 September 2022 - 07:24 WIB - Polda Metro Jaya uncovered cases of sexual exploitation of minors after arresting two suspects with the initials of EMT whose a pimp, and his partner with the initials RR.

The Head of Metro Jaya Police Public Relations, Commissioner Endra Zulpan stated that besides exploiting NAT, one of the victims, he and his partner also exploited other eight victims. "EMT has been doing this criminal operation since 2021. Based on our examination, he had exploited other eight girls under his care," he explained, Wednesday (21/9/22).

He stated that the eight teenagers that EMT exploit has been went to various apartments to amuse the customers. NAT, who report EMT to the police, encourage the other girls to also report EMT. 

“He also arranged the placement of the victims in three apartments, where they would took turns. RR is also took part in this criminal action by serving the guest before they met the girls," explained Commissioner Endra. "Hopefully this case will make the others encouraged to also report the case to us. This case requires the cooperation of all parties involved,“explained the Head of Metro Jaya Public Relations.

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